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Spa treatments & thermal cures in Bibione

Experience unmatched SPA treatments in Bibione Thermae - iconic wellness facility in the heart of Venetian Riviera.Bibione Thermae offers ultimate solution for regular healthy treatments and perfect occasion to try our wellness hotel on Venetian Riviera.

Savoy Beach Hotel & Thermal SPA offers a wide range of effective and powerful treatments blending local traditions and latest techniques. Thermae center combines ancient influence, modern technology and science to create spa therapies and treatments unique not only for Venetian region but for the whole Italy and Europe. Our hotel is the right accommodation for those who come to Bibione for wellness holidays, thermal treatments or just for a vacation full of wellness and relaxation. Our luxury 5-start hotel is directly connectedwith iconic Bibione Thermae by an underground heated tunnel.

Thanks to this exclusive connection, you will be able to reach Bibione Thermae from directly from your room or suiteand enjoysignature SPA and therapies with any schedule you prefer for your well-being.

Make your holiday a special one choosing perfect blend of 5-start services, unmatched hotel facilities and exclusive connection with oasis of wellness Bibione Thermae. Find out more about our extraordinary offers that include wellness, thermal and Spa treatments in Bibione Thermae!

In the north of Bibione lagoon, from a depth of 500 meters at a temperature of over 50 degrees, springs the thermal water. Bibione spa waters (alkaline bicarbonate, sodium fluoride) have been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as therapeutically effective for rheumatic, circulatory, skin, ENT and pneumologic diseases.

MUDTHERAPY : particularly indicated for the treatment of chronic orthopedic, the body derives benefits from the application of thermal mud at a temperature of 40° - 45°C. The mud is formed by mixing thermal water enriched of minerals with inorganic solid clay and is used after a process of maturation.
Treatments: mud therapy, massage therapy and grotto therapy.

BALNEOTHERAPY : is performed by immersing the body in water in the whirlpool spa particularly indicated for the treatment of arthrorheumatism, vascular diseases and it also beneficial in the treatment of dermatological diseases. The balneo therapy is made at a temperature between 33° and 36° in pools with therapeutic hydro massages and tubs with scuba water jets.
Treatments: pools at 34° with hydro massages, vascular path at 29°, single ozonized whirlpool tub.

INHALATION CENTER : equipped with the latest computer technologies for the prevention, cure and treatment of disorders and diseases of the respiratory tract. Care and inhalation therapies introduced in the airways fractional thermal water spray in very fine particles.
Treatments: inhalation, sonic - ionic aerosol by flowing thermal water, nasal irrigation, oral irrigation, micronized nasal douches, nebulization, insufflations end tympanic, pulmonary ventilations, respiratory rehabilitation, postural drainage

PHYSIOKINESISTHERAPY : Specialist area directed to the motor and neurological functional post-traumatic recovery, surgical and pathological through physical and manual therapy.

MANUAL THERAPY : massage therapy, therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage (Vodder method), connective massage, deep transvers massage, insole reflexology, cranium sacral therapy, kinesis therapy, plurisegmentaria kinesis therapy, motor function, corrective gymnastics, neuromotor kinesiology, sport rehabilitation, rehabilitation training, kinesis taping (tape-band).

PHYSICAL THERAPY : tecar therapy ®, medical electrotherapy.

ANTALGIC : t.e.n.s. electric currents, diadynamic, interferential electrotherapy, Galvano therapy -iontophoresis, ultrasound therapy, magneto therapy, radiotherapy, laser therapy, infrared rays.

STIMULATION : stimulation kotz, electrostimulation complex ®, press therapy lower and upper limbs, vertebral, cervical and lumbar traction.

HYDROKINETIC : area that exploits the synergy between the hot spring water (35°) and conventional physiotherapy. Specific rehabilitation protocols with customized rehabilitative purposes applied in treating orthopedic, rheumatic and neurological diseases in adults and children.

Treatments: therapies for post-traumatic, degenerative and post-surgery diseases.

SPECIALIST MEDICAL CENTER : polifunctional medical center equipped with modern medical equipment used by high-profile specialist doctors. The thermal specialist, from the analysis based on clinical examination and the particularities of each customer customized care and therapies to enable them to get the maximum benefits possible.

Diagnostic: phlebology (ecocolordoppler), cardiology (electrocardiogram), dermatology (patch-test- nevus control), dietician (cytotoxic test for food intolerance), orthopedics (joint infiltration), physical medicine, otolaryngology (audiometry tone-impendenzometria-nasal and laryngeal endoscopy), penology (spirometry).

: biorivitalization (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, silicon), treatments with botulinum technique of the upper third of the face, derma roller, treatment with acid hyaluronic filler, peeling, “sculptra” sculpting cheekbones and face with polylactic acid, “radiesse” modeling of the face and back of hands by calcium hydroxyapatite.
: treatment of hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin, lipolysis, mesotherapy, body modeling using hyaluronic acid, macrolane, sclerotherapy of capillaries.

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